Stephens Co. Man Jailed for Child Abuse

STEPHENS CO., Okla_ A 15-year-old Stephens County girl was beaten with a 2×4 and a baseball bat. Now, police have arrested her grandfather for the crime.

50-year-old Jerry Aldridge of foster was charged with felony child abuse after witnesses say he spanked his granddaughter with a 2×4 before hitting her in the knees with a baseball bat. He was also charged with assault and battery after repeatedly punching her 18-year-old boyfriend in the face.

Sheriff Wayne McKinney said he won’t tell us why Jerry Aldridge took matters with his granddaughter to extreme measures. However, he did say Aldridge willingly admitted to the crime.

“Who knows why a person does this,” McKinney said.

He has a history of domestic violence, and now Jerry Aldridge has made his own granddaughter a victim.

“She has a lot of bruising, a lot of cuts, abrasions and contusions,” McKinney said. “She took a pretty good beating, and it’ll take a little while physically and emotionally to overcome that.”

Sheriff McKinney said she’s lucky it wasn’t worse.

“Physically, I think she will be okay,” McKinney said. “He didn’t break any bones, thank God for that. Emotionally, it’s going to take a little while for those scars to heal. This wasn’t your normal spanking.”

She wasn’t the only victim of her grandfather’s rage.

“After they took him into custody, they found he also struck her boyfriend with his fist several times in the face and in the upper part of the body,” McKinney said.

Aldridge now sits in the Stephens County Jail for felony child abuse as well as assault and battery charges. McKinney said there’s no reason why crimes like these should happen to anyone or anywhere.

“There’s nothing wrong with disciplining your kids or even your grandkids,” McKinney said. “You don’t use a 2×4, and you don’t use a baseball bat. There’s no justification for that, none whatsoever. He’s going to face some pretty serious charges, and rightfully so.”

McKinney said he’s not sure what the girl’s living situation was before she was injured, but he said DHS is now handling the case.

No bond has been set yet for Aldridge. He will make his first appearance in court in December.