Pensioner jailed for obsession with pictures of child abuse

POLICE caught Keith Godfrey with 1,600 indecent images of children, including one of him abusing a young boy.
The pensioner, of St Nicholas Park, Old Marston, Oxford, told officers he had developed an “obsession” with pictures of child abuse, starting in 2008.
The 69-year-old even admitted sharing a picture of himself visiting Thailand and performing a sex act on a seven-year-old boy.
He was sentenced to five years in prison on Thursday at Oxford Crown Court after pleading guilty to 15 counts.
The former Oxford University under-butler confessed to five counts of making, and nine counts of distributing, indecent images of children.
He also admitted one count of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity between December 18, 2006, and January 16, 2008. Cathy Olliver, prosecuting, said the images were found on a laptop, an external hard drive and four USB sticks when the police raided Godfrey’s home.
She told Judge Ian Pringle it was only when officers looked through the pictures and videos that they realised Godfrey himself appeared in one of the photos.
The barrister said facial recognition experts confirmed it was the pensioner and he had discussed his trip with other paedophiles online.
Miss Olliver said chat logs of his internet conversations showed Godfrey had also claimed to have abused a five-year-old boy in England, though he now denies this.
Jonathan Coode, defending, said his client had worked for years as an under-butler in one of the Oxford University college before becoming a hotel manager.
He said the pensioner has no previous convictions and had hidden his offending from his partner of 18 years.

Mr Coode said: “He has now been completely honest with the police and given them all the names of the sites he was using.
“This has all helped them with their intelligence work.”
Judge Pringle sentenced Godfrey to five years in prison and ordered him to be made subject to a sexual offences prevention order.
Following the sentencing, Dc Simon Beaton of the Paedo-phile Online Investigation Team said: “This investigation focused on the activities of an individual who abused a child and chatted openly with other internet users about his sexual interest in children.
“He accessed, stored and shared a large amount of indecent images of children.
“Travelling away from the UK to commit sexual offences against children will not prevent the police from pursuing paedophiles.
“These acts and the images of these acts are abhorrent and Thames Valley Police is committed to protecting our communities from people who act in this way.”