Pregnant woman caught on camera ‘hitting her belly with a hammer after boasting her baby is hard’ just three weeks before giving birth to this little boy

  • Heather Thorpe, 24, filmed ‘hitting her tummy twice’, weeks before birth
  • Baby’s father Sean Hanlon shared footage after police didn’t press charges
  • West Midlands Police investigated case but ‘no criminal offences found’

A heavily pregnant woman was caught on camera apparently hitting her belly with a claw hammer while boasting how ‘hard’ her baby is.

Heather Thorpe, 24, was filmed allegedly performing the outrageous act just weeks before she gave birth to her son, Jonathon.

Today, her former partner Sean Hanlon, 26, released the footage taken last year on his Galaxy S3 in his living room as police revealed they have refused to press charges.

Critics are now calling for answers from the local authority about why the case was thrown out.

Mr Hanlon, from Chelmsley Wood in Birmingham, told MailOnline: ‘It is mad. She should have been locked up and that baby should have been taken off her as soon as it was born. He’s not safe with her.

‘I don’t know why they didn’t press charges. It’s just obvious to me.

I showed them the video on December 19.

‘I had to film it or no one would have believed me. I probably would have got blamed for it if anything happened to the baby.

‘We were together about a year. I don’t know if the baby is mine but I wanted to try to stop her hitting her belly.

‘She was out of control.

‘There is no point me taking it any further with the police.

Social services aren’t involved at all – they go round all the time but she can put on an act and they would never know what she is like.’

Heather Thorpe’s family refused to comment on the allegations.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police told MailOnline: ‘A report was received in December 2012 from a member of the public regarding video footage of a pregnant woman self-harming.

‘A thorough investigation was undertaken and no criminal offences were found.

‘The matter was referred to the local child services.’

Last year, Ms Thorpe made headlines when she claimed to have given birth after just five minutes of labour in her parents’ living room.

She told MailOnline: ‘It was dark, I was alone. I did not call my mum and dad as I wanted to keep myself calm.

‘I couldn’t get up to put the light on but Jonathon cried straightaway and then mum and dad came in.

‘I started breathing into his mouth to make sure his airways were clear. He was perfect.’

Jonathon, who was born on November 22, 2012, weighing 5lbs 7oz, now lives with Ms Thorpe and her parents Mark, 53, and Marrion, 49.

He is already walking and talking, and has been since he was seven months old.

Grandfather Mr Thorpe says: ‘He’s so clever – as soon as you show him something he picks it up straight away.

‘There were no drugs or interventions during the labour so maybe that’s why he’s come on so quick.

‘He’s a real little character, people fall in love with him straightaway.

‘I get told off if I go to the shops without him – people are expecting to see him.’

Ms Thorpe said: ‘The way he picks new things up is amazing, he seems to learn really quickly. It must have something to do with the way he was born.

‘He was born quickly and his development has been super-fast as well. Jonathon’s got the mind of a two-year-old. He does get through clothes very fast though – his feet are already too big for 12-18 month-sizes in the shops, and he loves food.’

To celebrate his first birthday this month, the family bought Jonathon, a Psy and One Direction fan, a mini piano and a drum set.

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