His Hand

She felt the warmth

Of his gentle hand

press deep between her thighs

Trust betrayed

Innocence lost

love was his disguise

He held her close,

His voice so soft

His tempting, careful praise,

Promises, promptings, guidance

So He could have his ways.

Ignoring her naivity

blind to her trusting eyes

devouring her virginity

with his selfish threats and lies.

the deed now done

momentarily he is satisfied

until his appetite

hungers again

for what her little body can supply.

Filled with confusion

torment and undeserved shame

Her child hood stolen

by a treacherous

soul-sucking game

Surviving unworthiness worthily

forever her life is changed.

His secret is well-hidden

behind his kind and honest face

And his charitable, Christian heart

No one suspects

the child molesting part.

Invisible bars imprison

her soul to agonizing

denial and pain

his unforgivable sin

kept alive again and again

revived by her memory

so it never ends

Forever she participates


Always he will win.