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I’ve created an account, and we want you to be a Twitter contributor! Check it out here: /notochildabuse/7381663a02cf0b0fd72c08bfbc2b7c01

Want to Tweet from @notochildabuse without logging in to the GroupTweet dashboard?

If your contributors don’t have personal Twitter accounts, they will need to register and login to your GroupTweet dashboard with any E-mail address to Tweet from @notochildabuse If they have personal Twitter accounts they can use any of the three ways below to Tweet from @notochildabuse Very little changed behavior is required and contributors can Tweet from any Twitter client and any device they prefer!


Send a GroupTweet via @Mention

If your administrator has enabled the @Mention GroupTweeting method, contributors simply include a mention of @notochildabuse in their Tweets. GroupTweet listens for contributors @mentions and Tweets them from @notochildabuse for all the group’s followers to see.

Send a GroupTweet via Direct Message

If enabled, contributors send a Direct Message (“DM”) to @notochildabuse. These incoming DM’s will be converted into Tweets from @notochildabuse If private group communication is desired, disable the @mention and hashtag methods and rely solely on the DM Tweeting method. This is a great choice when you don’t want the Tweet to also appear as coming from the contributor’s account.


Apologies for the lack of posts

Hiya everyone,

I would like to apologise for the lack of blog posts we will be hopefully posting very soon. We have been very busy offline and kind of forgotten about the blog :O

Please check the following Social Networks below:

Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/no.to.childabuse

Twitter: http://twitter.com/notochildabuse

PS. We may do a upgrade and get a domain we know we’ve said this but it is hard as can be quite expensive

On This Day in 2009 – @notochildabuse was found

On This Day in 2009 – @notochildabuse  was found. Which was created to raise the awareness of child abuse There are four major categories of child abuse: It’s important we get the facts about child abuse, but it’s just as vital we don’t panic and overprotect our children.

Physical and sexual abuse of our children gets reported on TV, in newspapers and on the internet on a daily basis.Child abuse is unfortunately not a rare occurrence. Public health authorities estimate that about 81,000 children are victims of sexual abuse and 160,000 are victims of physical abuse every year.

I find Twitter really great to get tweets out to everyone in the world and they certainly do go far when they are re-tweeted and also the number of followers always seem to go up which is great to see as well

Thank You to everyone for following

Coming Soon

So this post is sort of a little update on what is going to happen I’m granted, this could all change after the  first week of attempts, but at least right now I’m hopeful. 😆 😀

Further more to this post  about that we need to post more I’m thinking maybe this will help us to get on track with this. Over the weekend and possibly into the week we will be writing up a Tentative posting schedule. (more on this below)

The Tentative posting schedule will help us and hopefully help you to know what is going to be posted on each day of the week. I will write a post on the tentative posting schedule when it’s all sorted. So anyway, there you have it!

You are always welcome to leave your feedback and would love it if you could give me some on this post regarding the schedule.


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Your feedback is wanted

The main part of our blog URL is its domain. our WordPress.com blog comes with a free address, like the one we have preventchildabuseblog.wordpress.com. we can get rid of the .wordpress.com part and use a custom domain name instead, like preventchildabuse.com. (just an example). Also we can have email addresses on our domain name (like admin@preventchildabuse.com (another example)

You can add suggestions as well in other we would like it to be a .com one.

We would like your feedback in this little poll

You can tell us what you think on this as well it would make the site look more professional too.




We Need to start posting more!

Hello you are reading this post which was sent via email Emoji
I think we need to start posting more but it seems we are stuck for things to post on. So we need to get our thinking caps on Emoji

Do you think slapping a child’s face is child abuse? well have your say in the poll I created

If you have any ideas on what polls we could do then leave them in the comments and we will sort it out whoever is online It could be Mark or Josh.

Get involved with the blog

Feel free to share your thoughts! It means a lot to me when our readers participate! As many of you may already know, I always make time to respond and interact with everyone who contacts me.

Feedback is welcomed with open arms, if anything can contribute to helping us grow as a blogger, we will take it on board!

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on any of the posts well the ones that are open.

Updated the Categories

You may notice some changes here as I’ve been working very hard with the Categories. And I’ve added some new ones also adding the relevant posts that belongs in their as well. 🙂 Very hard work when theirs 142 published posts as well phew!

Their may be some posts that don’t belong in that category so will be looking through to see if that is the case and moving them where they belong.

Also you may notice some changes with the Primary menu (this is the menu where it says welcome). the categories have been placed their too.

Here are the new categories


Physical Abuse

sexual abuse

Thanks for reading 😀