Comment Policy

Due to the controversial nature of some of the topics and ideas which will inevitably be touched upon here, I thought it best to ensure that readers understand what is and is not acceptable here when leaving comments.

The intention of this site is for ideas to be presented and discussed, and for anyone who cares to present points and opinions, either in agreement or disagreement, to feel comfortable in doing so. I value comments from all points of view.

Comment authors must fill out name and e-mail address as required for all comments. The email address will not be published or disclosed. You may use either your real name or an alias. Any URL to an active blog or website will automatically be linked through your name unless I deem the link destination inappropriate, in which case I may either break the link or remove the comment altogether at my discretion with or without notice.

Comments automatically close on articles older than 14 days.

Offending comments will be disapproved or removed immediately upon discovery and one warning given. Further violations of this rule will result in an immediate ban.

All rights are reserved in regard to the content of this site in its entirety. I reserve the right to edit, delete, move, or mark as spam any and all comments and all rights of refusal or deletion of any and all trackbacks. I also reserve the right to block access to any individual or group from commenting or from the entire blog




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